Australian Listeners – Hitchcock on Foxtel

Hitchcock on Fox Classics!
Hitchcock on Fox Classics!

A quick heads up to our Foxtel-owning Hitchpod listeners. Over the next week or so, FOX Classics (Channel 113) will be showing several Hitchcock movies, including Rear Window,┬áthe first movie we’ll be discussing. So record as many as you can so you can listen along with us.

Other countries? You’re on your own.

  • Rear Window – 8th August, 8:35pm, 9th August, 12pm
  • The Trouble With Harry – 9th August, 8:35pm, 10th August, 12pm
  • The Man Who Knew Too Much – 10th August, 8:35pm, 11th August, 12pm
  • Psycho – 11th August, 8:35pm, 12th August, 12pm
  • The Birds – 12th August, 8:35pm, 13th August, 12pm

All movies are repeated 2 hours later on FOX Classics + 2 (Channel 156)